Codependency Assessment

Welcome to your Codependency Assessment

Rate the following with:

1 - Rarely 

2 - Sometimes 

3 - Often 


I often feel inadequate.

I avoid arguments whenever I can.

Add description here!

I have trouble saying ‘no’.

I feel rejected when my spouse/partner spends time with friends.

I have been in relationships that were abusive physically, emotionally or verbally.

I often worry about the opinion of others.

Without me, my family and friends would have a more difficult time of it.

It is hard for me to accept a compliment or gifts.

I have trouble adjusting to change at home or work.

Someone I am/was close to has/had a problem with alcohol or drugs.

I value the opinion of others more than my own.

I feel like a bad person or total failure when I make a mistake.

It is hard for me to express my true feelings to others.

I am not sure I can be who I want to be in life.

When my spouse/partner or child makes a mistake, I feel humiliated.

I often feel confused about who I am and where my life is headed.

I often wish someone would help me get things done.

It is hard for me to talk to people in authority.

I have trouble asking for help.

I often take on so many things that I have trouble doing any of them well.


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