When I started mentioning my certifications, lots of coaches told me people don’t care whether you’re certified or not.

Well, I care and I feel that you should too.

I’m not sharing my certifications with you to brag because I’m not the type of person to brag, but I do feel for you to be confident to know that I can help you, you do need to know what I’m certified in and whether you feel confident that I can.

But, I don’t want you to feel intimidated or weird because of my many certifications. Never ever.

The biggest reason behind them is that I had limiting beliefs of I’m not good enough hold me back from helping people and I felt that I had to get another certification and another and so it went on.

But I also love personal development and learning everything I did/do, so that goes to show you that I don’t just want you to invest in your personal development when I’m not even willing to do it. I did spend money on my personal development and with each course I learned and grew so much and that is what I want for you too.

Here are my Certifications

I use FlowCode in my 12 week programs to help enhance your progress, not only with speed but also with deep set and lasting changes.

FlowCode Coach Linda Pretorius

Certified Law Of Attraction Basic Practitioner with Dr Joe Vitale

Linda Pretorius Law Of Attraction Coach

Certified as an Holistic Coach through The Coaching Masters

Holistic coaching certification Linda Pretorius

ICF (International Coaching Federation) in The Fundamentals of International Coaching

ICE certification Linda Pretorius

Master Life Coach

Certified Master Life Coach Linda Pretorius

To be certified as a Master Life Coach I had to be certified in the following:

Professional Life Coach

Certified Professional Life Coach Linda Pretorius

Life Purpose Life Coach

Certified Life Purpose Life Coach Linda Pretorius

Happiness Life Coach

Certified Happiness Life Coach Linda Pretorius

Goal Success Life Coach

Goal Success Life Coach

Master Mindset Life Coach

To be certified as a Master Mindset Coach I had to be certified in the following:

Confidence Life Coach

Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach

REBT Mindset Life Coach

Master Transformation Life Coach


To be certified as a Master Transformation Life Coach I had to be certified in the following:

Transformation Life Coach

Life Story Life Coach

Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator

Forgiveness Life Coach

Master Self-Care & Boundaries Coach

To be certified as a Master Self-care and Boundaries Coach I had to be certified as:

Empowerment Life Coach

Self-Care Coach

People Pleaser Life Coach

Focus Mastery & Breakthrough Life Coach

Master Relationship Coach

To be Certified as a Master Relationship Coach, I had to complete my training in the following:

Attracting Authentic Relationships Coach

Relationship Workshop Facilitator

Under Relationship Workshop Facilitator I also had to do Self-Love for Singles and Allowing True Love Coach

Relationship & Law Of Attraction Coach

Abundance and Manifestation Coach

Belief Clearing Practitioner with Dr Joe Vitale

NLP through The Coaching Masters

Business Foundation through The Coaching Masters

NLP Practitioner & Life Coach With David Key

Do you think I can help you take your power back?

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Wishing you all the best in life, love, happiness and abundance